Case Studies

Hoist Cable Guards

An aerospace company sells a cable guard to prevent the hoist cable from damage from rubbing on the door track.  The previous guard supplier had to make it in several pieces requiring a large amount of welding, increasing the cost and causing excessive warping. Using our innovative forming techniques, MPC was able to produce the guard with fewer parts reducing the welding by 75%.  This gave the customer a higher quality and lower cost assembly.

Airplane Safety FAA Type Beacons

A light beacon manufacturer wanted to reduce inventory space and material handling time.  MPC and the customer worked together to design a kit for all the necessary parts to be used directly at their assembly station rather than having their parts delivered in bulk. To ensure all components are included and labeled correctly, MPC designed and cut an error-proof package. Now the customer’s assembly line operators have all the parts they need, right where they need them, every time and on time.

Cable Floor Access Box

A manufacturer of cable access boxes designed to be mounted in the floor needed help developing a model to prevent moisture from entering the box when the floor was mopped. MPC and the customer worked closely to design and test several prototypes until the most effective and cost efficient model was found and approved by an independent testing laboratory.